(Nov. 11, 2018): Bill Carrothers – I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier – Armistice Day

From the 2004 double CD, Armistice 1918.  Obviating the need to remember sacrifice by teaching peace and resisting war is the best homage that can be paid to the fallen. The incessant celebration of war and the military is the greatest disrespect. The physical copy of the album includes a 36 page booklet with period photos, poems, and liner notes by Mr. Carrothers and Thomas Compere-Morel, curator of l’Historial de la Grande Guerre, a museum of the Great War in Peronne (Somme region).

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(November 10, 2018): Johnny Cash – What Is Truth

From the 1970 a-side 7″ single, What Is Truth / Sing A Traveling Song (Columbia ‎– S-45134). A song played at a command performance at the White House that made Nixon squirm (great video of the event in the Netflix “Tricky Dick and The Man In Black” film). Nothing can shame Trump, but wouldn’t it be great if Johnny Cash were alive today to sing about Trump’s pathological lies (and his other egregious moral failures).

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(November 9, 2018): Paul Robeson – Ballad For Americans

All four parts from the 1940 2×10″ 78 rpm discs, Ballad For Americans. For many, like me, born at the tail end of the post WWII baby boom, this collection represented what America was all about.  For those, like me, who view President Trump as a moral and political calamity (and that’s being generous) – see here, Bummed Out About Trump – Robeson knows we will get over his disgraceful Presidency.  Music by Earl Robinson. Words by John Latouch. Nat Shilkret conducting.


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(November 6, 2017): LaBelle – Won’t Get Fooled Again

From the 1972 album, “Moon Shadow”.  Patti LeBelle’s stirring cover of Pete Townshend’s anthem from her sophomore LP. Fitting for mid-term election day in the United States. Get out and vote to put a check on President Trump’s moral and political bankruptcy.


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(November 5, 2018): The Beatles – Revolution

From the b-side of one of the greatest 7″ singles of all time, Hey Jude / Revolution (Apple Records – 2276). The more forceful single version of Revolution 9 from the White Album’s more laid back take. Get out and vote on Tuesday to ensure a check on President Trump’s unbridled moral and political failures.

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(November 4, 2018): Carol King – One Small Voice

From the 2017 MP3x1File single, One Small Voice. Carole King put this up on Youtube in early 2017. It is comprised of half the town of Stanley, Idaho (pop. 63), who came out in a snowstorm to march in peace and solidarity with men, women, and children on seven continents. Photos by Gary Gadwa & Elissa Kline. ©Rockingale Records. It is available to download on Amazon for free. Get out and vote to put a check on President Trump.

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(November 3, 2018): Billy Bragg – The Times Are Are A-Changing Back

From the 2017 youtube video seemingly posted by Bragg on January 23.  Bragg writes, “I wrote these lyrics within half an hour of seeing Donald Trump’s inaugural speech last Friday evening and played it in Salisbury that night. With apologies to Bob Dylan.” Get out and vote to check President Trump.

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