(January 4, 2018): Deekline and Wizard – Bounce and Rebound

From the 2009 album, Back Up, Coming Through. Something to do in 2018. Deekline & Wizard (Nicholas Annand and Greg Fleming) produce here and Fleming mixes and engineers, but the players are Raphael Mercier (drums); Fallacy, TopCat & Yolanda Quarty (vocals); Skee Oakenfull (piano); and Darren Morris (keys).


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(January 3, 2018): Michael Fennelly – Touch My Soul

K-SHE Classic.  From the 1974 U.S. release, Lane Changer.  The album was originially sweetmeatreleased in the U.K. in 1973 with a different cover. Fennelly started with The Millenium and was the lead singer for Crabby Appleton. Rod Argent, Dave Wintour, and Russ Ballard all appear on this outing.

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(November 28, 2017): Lee “Sratch” Perry – (I Got The) Groove

From the 1990 album, From The Secret Laboratory. A prescient song that anticipates the revelations of the Panama and Paradise papers (not that hard, really); and, incidentally throws a bone to those who favor a tax that gives to the wealthy and takes from the poor.


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(November 26, 2017): Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)

From the 1958 album, He’s So Fine.  This is one of five tunes co-written by Berry Gordie to appear on this LP.  The title is a throw to Louis Jordan and his 1948 single from the film “Reet, Petite, and Gone”. Wilsons powerful pipes here were enough to carry the tune to a UK number 1 when it was reissued in 1986.

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(November 17, 2017): Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians – Another Bubble

From the 1985 album, Fegmania! Hitchcock’s first outing with The Egyptians (with former Soft Boys Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor). A psychedelic throw back at a time of psychedelic throwbacks.


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(November 16, 2017): Joy Division – Warsaw

From the band’s debut 1978 EP, An Ideal For Living. The song title comes from the name that the band used immediately prior to adopting Joy Division. Indeed, the name was still in use during the recording sessions for this EP.

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(November 11, 2017): John McCormack – There’s A Long, Long Trail

From the 1917 single side 78 rpm, There’s A Long, Long Trail.  A WWI staple for this old Armistice Day.  Stoddard King and Alonzo Elliott, both seniors at Yale, wrote the tune in 1913. Note the price on the lable for this single song, “Price $1”.  A hundred years later, the standard digital price is a penny less – for just the music alone. Without a physical artefact, it remains to be seen if they will survive a Century.

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