(March 7, 2017): Utopia – Trapped

From the 1977 album, Oops! Wrong PlanetAn album from Todd Rundgren’s mid-1970 return to recording with and under the name of the band, Utopia. At 17, these were some of my favorite song lyrics, from one of my favorite albums.

You’ve got to break out, you’ve got to prove you’re alive.
What makes you think that the weak survive?
And if you don’t have the stomach for all this radical crap,
Then have the guts to stand for something or you’re gonna be trapped —  Trapped in a world that you never made.

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(March 6, 2017): Nigel Kennedy – Sonata for Violin and Piano in E minor, op 82 – II. Romance: andante

From the 1991 album, Salut D’Amour & Other Elgar Favourites.  Recorded in 1984 at the Church Of St George The Martyr in London, where at least 40 classical sessions have been recorded. Peter Pettinger is on piano. Kennedy and Pettinger also did a strange jazz cover LP in the mid-1980s, Strad Jazz.

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(March 5, 2017): Van Morrison – The Great Deception

From the 1973 album, Hard Nose The Highway.  A lot has been written about this LP and the prolific output of the session from which it came.  All I want to say today is that it is time for a 2017 update Van:

Have you ever heard about the 45th President?

The one elected by hackers and Russian spies.

You can’t escape his stupid non-sense,

and his constant tweets of fake news and lies.

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(March 4, 2017): J. Geils Band – Whammer Jammer

K-SHE Classic. From the 1971 album, The Morning After.  A “Juke Joint Jimmy” effort sweetmeathere – an early reference to songs written by the entire band. Richard Salwitz (aka Magic Dick) on harmonica made this into a J. Geils party on the band’s first live LP, Full House.  A tune that appeared on many cassette mix tapes for the car that always picked up the cruising speed around South St. Louis County in 1970s.


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(March 3, 2017): Tina Brooks – The Blues and I

From the posthumous 1990 album, Back To The Tracks. This LP was cobbled together from September and October 1960 hard bop sessions with Paul Chambers, Art Taylor, Jackie McLean, Kenny Drew and Blue Mitchell. Van Gelder did the recording. I remember picking this up in vinyl at the time of its release, which turned out to be the outset of a return to the vaults for hosts of reissues over the 1990s. A great time to pick up remasters of what I had listened to growing up in my parents house.  Harold “Tina” Brooks – nicked named Tiny as a kid and somehow that morphed to Tina – was a sideman for a number players in the Blue Note stable. He got hooked on heroin and did not play after 1961. Died young at 42.

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(March 2, 2017): The Marshall Tucker Band – Never Trust a Stranger

From the 1977 album, Carolina Dreams.  This tune comes with a film that was made for a 1978 High School senior English class run by Mr. Charles Eisele at St. John Vianney High School in Kirkwood, MO.  It was imagined and directed by Rick Capelli, a friend since 1974.  It stars other life-long friends Tom Curtis, Tom Oberkirsch, and me (as well as a fella named Wayne Burgdorff, who was a friend of someone). It won best film prize of that year, but I always thought that envelopes were mixed up, and friend Pete Ressell’s claymation film, done to ELP’s “Bennie the Bouncer” should have won. Can you put the names with the faces? Enjoy.

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(February 20, 2017): Jack Teagarden and His Orchestra – High Society

From the 1956 album, Big T.  My Grandparents had this album – wish my Dad had saved it and others – but this song in particular hooked me on hot jazz even though there was a period in my youth when I thought I was pretty uncool for liking the genre.  Edmond Hall cooks on clarinet and Jimmy McPartland blows that trumpet. Teagarden, of course, cut his teeth with the biggies Louis Armstrong, Eddie Condon, Red Nichols, Paul Whiteman, etc.

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