What Is A K-SHE Classic?

K-SHE Klassics” are songs that: 1) were played infrequently on K-SHE radio in St. Louis when released, 2) were hardly, if ever, played on any other radio station in St. Louis – the defunct KADI excepted in certain cases, 3) were played during the years 1968-1977, and 4) became acknowledged favorites. It matters not if the song was in heavy rotation elsewhere in the world (or was played with frequency on K-SHE later, after the opportunity to play it in regular rotation with the initial release faded.)

Unfortunately, for many years K-SHE has been a pale shadow of what it once was – a real leader in unearthing and playing fresh, new, alternative music. I thought it lost its way in the mid-1970s as a progressive leader by failing to embrace punk rock and then by continuing to resist, for the most part, further changes in cutting edge music.  In any event, it was once one of the great radio stations as evidenced by inclusion in Billoard’s FM Action throughout the late 1960s and 1970s.

PS – If you click K-SHE Klassics link above and explore the site further, you may find the radio station’s “photos” menus, which includes the “K-SHE of the day.”  There you will be “treated” to suggestive pictures of attractive  females attired in bikinis.  I want to make clear that in its glory days, the “SHE” in K-SHE was never used in the overt sexual way in which it seems to be used on the station’s website today.  If anything, the station and DJs at that time, took feminist positions about items in the news.  The great station in the 1960s and 1970s relied on the music to pull in an audience.