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(June 1, 2016): Cause 4 Concern – Blindside

From the 2002 triple 12″ Renegade Hardware compilation, The Harder They Come – Part One (Invasion Tactics).  Formed in 1999, C4C has been a prolific singles recording and production group made up of Ed Holmes, Mark Clements, and Stuart Perkins.  Toby Burrows … Continue reading

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(May 31, 2016): Adam F – 8 Ball

From the 2005 a-side of the vinyl, 12″, 45rpm single, 8Ball / Original Junglesound (TC Remix). Adam Fenton was prolific in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He produced several anthems, including “Smash Sumthin’”.  By 2005 things started trailing off and … Continue reading

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(January 26, 2016): Simon V – Rainclouds (Polar Vmix)

From the 2000 12″ EP, The Remix Series #1.  This remix by Polar (Kjetil Sagstad) is one of a number remixes of Simon V’s (Simon Jarosch) notable 1999 single.  This song also appeared on the 2002 compilation on the Santorin label (founded by … Continue reading

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(December 12, 2015): Peshay – Jazz Lick

From the AA-side of the 1996 vinyl 12 inch single  (33 ⅓ rpm), LTJ Bukem / Peshay ‎– Music (Peshay Rework) / Jazz Lick. Peshay (Paul Pesce) is one of the pioneers of intelligent jungle/drum and bass.  His collaboration with another … Continue reading

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(November 21, 2015): Cyantific – Colour In The Shadows (Instrumental)

From the 2015 single, Colour In The Shadows.  Jonathan Stanley left Hospital Records sometime in 2013 and, until now, the biggest noise he made was remixing, including Outlines, Can’t Stop and Put Your Love On Me.  Even though Stanley is … Continue reading

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(July 15, 2015): Roni Size – She Rocks

From the 2014 album, Take Kontrol.  Roni Size (Ryan Williams), the original junglist, left a decade between long players with original material.  Last year he returned with the Reprazent collective.  In a sign that Williams did indeed help to mainstream … Continue reading

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(July 1, 2015): Cleveland Lounge – Drowning (Dave Audé Drum & Space Mix)

From the 2000 double 12″ EP, Drowning.  So far as I can tell this EP is the only thing ever released by Cleveland Lounge (Dave Audé, Matthew Meschery, Nat Gleason, Paul Hollman).  Audé has made a name as a notable … Continue reading

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