(March 26, 2017): Tom Russell – The Ballad of Edward Abbey and Benediction: Edward Abbey

A compilation from the 2004 album, Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs, and the 2005 album, Hotwalker. Clearly Russell had Abbey on his mind in the mid-2000s.  The first item is a song by Russell about missing Abbey’s presence in the world.  The second is Russell “introducing” Abbey posthumously, and then Abbey, himself, reads from the preface to the 1988 Univ. or Arizona Press edition of his 1968 book, Desert Solitaire, to an audience at the University of Utah.  Today’s selection is a replay of what I created for an old blog I used to have on WordPress with the pedestrian name, “Song of the Day.” Someone ripped it and put it up on Youtube in 2012, but I thought it was about time to repatriate. As a comment on the Youtube page points out, Kirk Douglas’s horse was named Whiskey, not Brandy.

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