(December 9, 2016): Dust – Loose Goose

K-SHE classic. From the self-titled 1971 debut album, Dust.  In memory of John Glenn, I sweetmeatintroduce this tune — the way I did on many, many mix tapes that I made for friends in the 1980s that opened with driving tunes — with the count down for the February 1962 launch of Friendship 7.  The countdown is from one of the first LPs my parents bought me: the 1962 The First American Manned Orbital Flight – Astronaut John H. Glenn, Jr., with live recordings from Cape Canaveral mission control and Glenn from the capsule,  a narration (Bill Baldwin) of the flight from beginning to end, and a musical score by Bruce Herschensohn. I used to be riveted by the three voices running down the pre-launch checklist: voice 1: “locks tanking?” voice 2 (timidly): “I have a blinking high level light”. voice 3 (of someone in authority): “You are GO!”.  The same for: “Our recorder’s too fast, T minus 18 seconds and counting, engines start”.  But the “Godspeed John Glenn” was what I’d always tell adults about.

The actual song of the day comes from a very short-lived (2 LPs) hard rock trio out of New York. I first remember this Aaronson tune being used by C&H Pure Cane Sugar in a commercial that consisted of an announcer saying “… and now, 30 seconds of pure energy …” and then a clip of the first 3o seconds of the song would rip.  It was only later, in about 1973 that I became aware of the band and that it was getting airplay on K-SHE.

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