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(February 16, 2016): The Consumers – Anti Anti Anti

From the 1995 album, All My Friends Are Dead.  As you might guess from the vibe, these song were recorded in a Phoenix demo studio contemporaneously with the emergence of punk in 1977.  Hard to find much on the band. … Continue reading

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(February 13, 2016): Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures

From the 2011 debut album, Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm. A then new singer-song writer from York.  Not much output since, so far as I can tell, and the “latest” news on his website stops at June 21, 2013.  No live … Continue reading

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(February 12, 2013): El Pauling and Royal Abbit – Send Me Somebody

From the 1962 a-side 7″ single, Send Me Somebody / Come On Let’s Have A Good Time. Lowman Pauling had been the driving guitar behind the 1950s R & B machine, The 5 Royales.  By the early 1960s, with the ascendancy of … Continue reading

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(February 11, 2016): The Afternoon Delights – General Hospi-Tale (vocal)

From the 1981 12″ single, General Hospi-tale.  The single off the kitch “concept” album, spoofing the TV soap opera.  A “one hit wonder” band at the dawn of rapping.  Vocalists Janet Powell, Rebecca Hall, Robalee Barnes, and Suzanne Boucher did have other gigs, but so … Continue reading

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(February 10, 2016): The Raybeats – Calhoun Surf

From the 1981 album, Guitar Beat.  The Raybeats were an instrumental quartet that hailed from the U.S. midwest (Kansas, Nebraska & Iowa).  This neo-surf Danny Amis tune is a cover of the song first released by his band, The Overtones. … Continue reading

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(February 9, 2016): Chumbawamba ‎– Jacob’s Ladder (Not in My Name)

From the 2002 CD maxi-single, Jacob’s Ladder (Not in My Name).  Released in the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq by U.S. and the so-called “coalition of the willing”.  The anti-war protest songs never matched those of the 1960s … Continue reading

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(February 8, 2015): The Copyrights – Worn Out Passport

From the 2011 album, North Sentinel Island.  A band that hails from Carbondale, Illinois.  No longer sure how I wound up with an digital copy of this LP, the discogs info indicates that it was limited to a vinyl pressing of 1500 … Continue reading

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