(January 22, 2016): Up With People! – Up With People!

From the highly sponsored 1965 album, The Sing-Out Musical.  “Presented by Pace Magazine” and taken “from the Schick Television Color Spectacular.” I can remember picking this LP up with my Mom at a garage sale in 1966 when I was six (along with Sam the Sham & The Pharos’s LP, Li’l Red Ridding Hood — with “My Baby Does the Hanky Panky” — and recording of the launch and flight of John Glenn’s Mercury Rocket, Friendship 7) and playing the heck out of all three.  The album comes endorsed by John Wayne (“an album you’ll love from start to finish”), Pat Boone (“songs you’ll never forget”), and Walt Disney (“happiest most hard-hitting way of saying what America is all about”).  The cover was spoofed by Lambchop on a 2000 EP, “The Speak-Up Musical”.  Up With People! continues on to this day: http://www.upwithpeople.org/.

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