(August 10, 2015): Quicksilver Messenger Service – Who Do You Love (selections)

From the 1969 album, Happy Trails.  Selections from the Bo Diddleyist bits of the “Who Do You Love Suite” that takes up 25:22 of side one (Who pt 1, How, Which, Who pt 2 – do you love.  “When” and “Where” – do you love – are missing because the file kept omitting “How” when saved it in its entirety).  I thought about just doing the Bo Diddley parts 1 and 2 bookends; and even though part 1 can stand along (other than the abrupt end on the digital version), it just does not capture Cipollina and Duncan great jam here.  I wish I could have saved the entire suite, but I am out of time.  Diddley’s “Mona” on side 2 is just as strong.   The suite was recorded live at Fillmore East and West over a period of time (as is apparent from the way the tracks segue.  It has never been apparent, though, from the sleeve or liner what was recorded where or when).

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