(Feb. 6, 2015): Blasted Mechanism – Hand Full of Nothing (feat. Dealema)

From the 2005 album, Avatara.  To quote discogs, this Portuguese band “is known for their highly theatrical live shows that involve elaborate & extravagant alien-themed costumes utilizing inventive concepts and instruments. In addition, they have developed their own dialect known as “Karkovian” which is used in their lyrics. This groups ever-changing esthetics provide an attention-grabbing image which is the trade mark that originated the buzz around the band’s music, which in the beginning, was quite different; something like a rough-hewn fusion of the outer edges of contemporary electronic pop and global dance-floor grooves, blended with raw rock riffs. Since the bands inception, their aural concept has progressed, crossing all latitudes of various cultures, borrowing and developing sounds from both the ancestral/traditional and the exotic.”

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