(May 7, 2014): Lambchop – Up With People (Zero 7 remix)

A twofer today.  First Lampchop’s “Up With People” from the 2000 EP, Up With People!  The tune appears on the album Nixon, but the EP is the only place to find the Zero 7 remix).  The title of the song is Kurt Wagner’s way of poking fun of one of the 1960s wholesome, mainstream, vanilla musical franchises — the Up With People! sing out shows.  Those who can remember the early super bowls may remember them turning up at half time.  In any event, here is Lambchop:


Now, I am old enough to remember those half times shows and the cover on this EP brought back memories of one of the first long players my Mom ever gave to me at five years old: the 1965 Up With People! LP, Pace Magazine Presents Up With People! The Sing-Out Musical.  Like the Lambchop spoof, it was endorsed by John Wayne, Pat Boone, and Walt Disney.  I can recall one of the Up With People! groups perform at the old Flaming Pit on Route 66 in Crestwood, Missouri in 1968 for some boy scout event.  In any event again, here is Up With People!


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