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(Dec 31, 2013): Sun Ra & His Solar Myth Arkestra – Enlightenment

From the 1999 album, Life is Splendid.  This is the classic concert staple from the 1959 Jazz in Silhouette. It was recorded in 1972 at the short-lived Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival.    

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(Dec 30, 2013): The Greyboy Allstars – Profundo Grosso

The opening track from the 2012 album, Inland Emperor.  The Allstars present on this release include Karl Denson, Robert Walter, Elgin Park, Chris Stillwell, and Aaron Redfield.  DJ Greyboy (Andreas Stevens) is missing in action.  You get a wide array of flavor … Continue reading

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(Dec 29, 2013): Emika – Dilo 3

From the 2013 3 file x EP, Klavirni.  Available as an instant download upon ordering the new Emika (Ema Jolly) album Dva from the Ninja Tune store.  This is out of Jolly’s ordinary electronic music (dubstep, trip hop, techno) production — … Continue reading

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(Dec 28, 2013): Seba – Can’t Describe

From the 2013 album, Identity.  This is a long awaited LP release by Seba (Sebastian Ahrenberg).  Even though he has been putting out the tunes since 1998, this is only the second long player by Ahrenberg.  It does not disappoint.

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(Dec 23, 2013): Streetlight Manifesto – The Three of Us

From the 2013 double album, The Hands That Thieve.  The latest effort led by Tomas Kalnoky (Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, Catch Twenty-Two, Pimento Records).

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(Dec 22, 2013): Aim – Hinterland

The title track from the 2002 album, Hinterland.  Aim (Andy Turner) gained notice with “Original Stuntmaster” off the 1996 Grand Central Records sampler Central Heating.  Turner seems to be mostly producing these days.  I have not seen a release since … Continue reading

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(Dec 16, 2013): Rodney Dillard & the Dillard Band – There Is A Time

From the 2010 album, I Wish Life Was Like Mayberry.  Not quite the bluegrass of the Mayberry hometown band “The Darlings” — which The Dillards were in the early 1960s — but pretty good stuff.  Rodney Dillard performed an earlier … Continue reading

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