(Aug 26-28, 2013): Gypsy – Tomorrow Is The Last To Be Heard / Dead and Gone / As Far As You Can See (As Much As You Can Feel)

K-SHE Classics.  A “threefer” today.  For me, Gypsy epitomized the K-SHE of the early sweetmeat1970s and had a number of classics.  Today we have two from the 1970 self-title debut album, Gypsy – “Tomorrow is the Last to be Heard” and “Dead and Gone”.  Then we turn to the second album, In the Garden, with “As Far as You Can See (As Much as You Can Feel).”  These tunes still sound fresh today.  I was delighted that my son, when he was 8, regularly requested that I play the Gypsy album on road trips.


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