(Aug 21, 2013): Midnight Sun – Living On The Hill

K-SHE Classic.  From the 1971 (1972 U.S. release) self-titled album, Midnight Sun.  Talk sweetmeatabout repeats.  This Danish band made up of then prominent avant jazz players first recorded this album as the Rainbow Band in 1970.  This album was only released in Denmark because a Canadian band had already registered the name Rainbow Band in North America and the UK and this apparently served to bar the Danish band from moving forward.   So, with the addition of Allan Mortensen on vocals, the band renamed itself Midnight Sun in 1971 and re-recorded and internationally released essentially the same album (although there were three different versions with some different song omissions and additions on the different iterations).  The album cover art is, of course, and early example of  Roger Dean’s work (best known for the Yes album covers).

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