(June 4, 2013): Adam Ant – Cool Zombie

From the 2013 album, Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar In Marrying The Gunner’s Daughter.  This is the third LP Adam Ant (Stuart Goddard) has released in the new Millennium.  The fight over this song reported by Wikipedia is a doozy.  This track was said to have been initially worked out by Ant, Chris McCormack (3 Colours Red), and Andy Bell (Beady Eye).  Wikipedia goes on:

Initially Bell, allegedly at the behest of Liam Gallagher, attempted to block its inclusion on the album. This led to a quite personalised war of words between Ant and Gallagher; consequently Bell denied he had been put under any pressure. “It was totally my decision not to allow the track to be used,” he said “and I’m annoyed at Liam being dragged into this situation which has nothing at all to do with him.” Bell also gave further insight into the origins of the song, explaining that he and Ant have “a mutual friend who I had played around on a track with who then passed the music over to Adam without my knowledge. I then explained the track couldn’t be used for his album (this was just a rough demo) and thought the matter was closed. Adam then mentioned in the press he had recorded with one of Oasis, but Liam Gallagher had banned the track from being used.” Ant eventually rerecorded the song for the final release with two members of his live band, guitarist Tom Edwards and drummer Andy Woodard. Subsequently, the song became the first single from the album.

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