(May 27, 2013): The Lounge Lizards – Harlem Nocturne

From the 1981 self-titled album, The Lounge Lizards.  Here with the Earle Hagen (of “Eye Spy” fame) tune.  John Laurie (sax), with his brother Evan (piano) and Arto Lindsay (guitar), Steve Piccolo (bass), and Anton Fier (drums), made a splash with this LP.  Along with John Zorn, for me, the Lizards opened up avant jazz in the 1980s and made it more accessible.  The Lizards’ line-up over the years has been impressive and has included Marc Ribot, Billy Martin, John Medeski, and Michele Navazio.  What comes to mind now as I am writing this is an amazing piece on John Laurie in the New Yorker that I read in 2010 while watching the Australian election results come in at a holiday house at Durras Beach, NSW.

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