(Mar 31, 2013): Felix Mendelssohn – Concerto In E Minor, Op. 64 (Yehudi Menuhin, violin)

From the 1969 EMI album, Yehudi Menuhin – Mendelssohn – Bruch, Philharmonia Orchestra, The, Walter Susskind, Efrem Kurtz ‎– Mendelssohn Concerto In E Minor, Op. 64 / Bruch Concerto No. 1 In G Minor, Op. 26.   This performance has been remastered and/or reissued at least seven times.  This is one of Mendelssohn’s largest orchestral works.  It is in three movements: 1. Allegro molto appassionato, 2. Andante, 3. Allegretto non troppo – Allegro molto vivace. Kurtz is conducting here.

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