(Feb 16, 2013): McKendree Spring – God Bless The Conspiracy

K-SHE Classic.  From the 1972 album, 3.  McKendree Spring started sweetmeatrecording in 1969 and was active until the mid-1970’s.  It released seven long players during this time.  Obviously, today’s selection comes from the third.  The band regrouped in 2007 for occasional dates, but judging from 2007 and 2010 releases, it seems to have more folk emphasis than on earlier recordings.  Reading old Billboard and Newspaper reviews of the band during this period, one finds consistent comments like “one of the best unknown groups in the world.”  That might not have been true at K-SHE where this tune got significant traction.  Michael Dreyfuss is on electric violin here, which Village Voice is reported as saying: “the most original use of the electric violin we’ve heard.” As the tune closes you get a spooky version of “God Bless America” to rival the distorted “Star Spangled Banner” of Jimi Hendrix.

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