(Nov 7, 2012): United Future Organization – The Planet Plan

From the 1996 album, 3rd PerspectiveUnited Future Organization is a Japanese acid jazz and funk project, founded in 1990 by Raphael Sebbag, Toshio Matsuura & Tadashi Yabe.  Matsuura left the group in 2002 and since then they released under the UK spelling of “Organisation.”  This is the fourth studio album and real horns and strings (very James Bond) are used on this track, as arranged by Mikio Endo:

Horns – Chris Caldwell, Dan Anthony, Dean Foley, Jan Scott, Joseph De Jesus, Kiarow O’Neill, P. Jayasinha, Peter Whyman, Richard Exall, Robert Killips*, Steve Dawson (4), Steve Hanillor

Strings – Abigail Trundle, C. Goldscheider, D. Schlenther, Eleanor Gilchrist, Geralding Bereen, L. Wynne, Lucy Yendole, Nicola Godscheider, Rache Davies, Richard Bridgmont, Susan Bowran, Teresa Whipple

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