(Oct 21, 2012): John Adams – Hallelujah Junction

From the 2004 album of chamber works, Road Movies.  “Hallelujah Junction” is a 1996 composition by Adams for two pianos (Rolf Hinds and Nicolas Hodges) and appears on a recording for the first time here.   It is one of the stand out pieces on the album.  As Liam Singer writes it exhibits:

“the unbroken stream of consciousness apparent in Adams’ best work. The music effortlessly flows from one rhythmic and harmonic figure to the next as each piano compels the other into new territory. After exploring grand pastoral beauty in movements I and II– and hinting at various styles of folk and popular music along the way– movement III loses itself in a frenzied, dissonant boogie.”

The work also serves as a title for Adams’ autobiography.

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