(May 20, 2017): A-Sides – Nature Girl

From the 2005 12″ single, Nature Girl / Take A Chance.  Jason Cambridge (A-Sides) has been producing music since 1990 and has released well over 500 tracks, including six long players. At one point he was running three record labels. Eastside was the most enduring, although it seems to have wound up in 2016 (at least the domain seems to be up for grabs: http://www1.eastside-records.com/?kw=real%20estate%20services). Still putting stuff up on soundcloud.

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Sargent Pepper Turns 50 (WSJ)


Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.39.33 AM

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(May 15, 2017): The Black Hollies – No Need To Be Rude

From the 2006 album, Crimson Reflections.  This three piece was a garage rook throwback from Jersey City did rock. As a review of the album on Amazon recounts: “This CD has everything you need – stomping R&B rhythm section and killer Blue Cheer style guitar freak outs. It sounds even better when you’re BAKED!

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(May 14, 2017): Sly & Robbie – Sun Shine

From the 2006 album, Rhythm Doubles.  This LP brought together singles and odds and ends for reinterpretation with a host of well-known musicians.  T.O.K. features here on a  Bam Bam bonus track.

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(May 6, 2017): Bill Frisell – Baba Drame

From the 2003 album, The Intercontinentals. A Boubacar Traoré composition with his Mali percussionist compatriot, Sidiki Camara, on vocals. The LP was the first for the Frisell’s occasional sextet.

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(May 2, 2017): Clint Eastwood – I Talk To The Trees

From the b-side of Lee Marvin’s, “Wand’rin Star”, the single from the Paint Your Wagon Red soundtrackWand’rin Star / I Talk To The Trees. Another gem my son turned me on to. I’ve seen Paint Your Wagon a number of times, and I remember Clint talking to an empty chair at the the 2012 GOP Convention, but this song was so unmemorable I had forgot he once sung about talking to trees – which is not quite the same thing as talking for the trees.

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(May 1, 2017): Abbe Lane (with Tito Puento & His Orchestra) – Whatever Lola Wants

From the 1957 album, Be Mine Tonight.  I remember Abbe Lane more for her cameos in TV shows of my youth (Flying Nun, Brady Bunch, Hart to Hart, etc) than singing easy listening samba.  I do remember this one, though.


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