(June 25, 2017): Brewer and Shipley – Eco-Catastrophe Blues

From the 1974 album, ST11261.  Hate to say it because I like this duo very much.  But, this is one of those LPs that you can appreciate why it is not better known — even with guests like Al Kooper, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, and Bill Perkins, and despite the fact the Manassas covered “Bound to Fall” two years before it was released by Brewer and Shipley. The green sentiment here, though, is good.

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(June 23, 2017): Dogmatics – Gimme The Shakes

From the 1984 album, Thayer Street.  The Dogmatics were part of the great bands out of Boston in the late 70s / early 80s. This tune was released a year earlier as the band’s first single and hooked a dedicated following. The band came to an end prematurely when bassist Paul O’Halloran was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1986.

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(June 21, 2017): The BPA – He’s Frank (slight return)

From the 2008 album, I Think We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat.  The Brighton Port Authority was a Norman Cock (aka Fatboy Slim) project in the late naughts.  This is definitely a friends LP.  Iggy Pop with the pipes on this tune.  David Byrne, Dizzee Rascal, Martha Wainwright, Pete York, and other guest.

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(June 18, 2017): Bedrich Smetana – Vltava (The Moldau)

From the 1980 album, Má Vlast (My Country). This is a reissue of the 1954 mono recording of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra performance conducted by Václav Talich. He is probably best know for this symphonic poem, the second in a cycle of six which he entitled Má vlast (My Country), and for his opera Prodaná nevěsta (The Bartered Bride).

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(June 17, 2017): Bob James – Angels (Theme from “Taxi”)

From the 1978 album, Touchdown.  A story in the NYT earlier this month about the new Tappen Zee bridge and was reminded of James’ old label named for the old bridge.  This tune is a bit of nostalgia too.

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(June 15, 2017): Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash – Blue Yodel #4

From the 1977 bootleg, The Dylan Cash Session. These are outtakes from a studio session that were captured on February 17 & 18, 1969 at Columbia Music Row Studios in Nashville.  Dylan was recording his “Nashville Skyline” album in the studio at the time. This tune is a hidden track and not listed on the album cover.


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(June 6, 2017): MX-80 Sound – PCBs

From the 1977 album, Hard Attack. This was the quick follow up from the debut 1976 EP, Big Hits – Hard Pop From The Hoosiers. As the title indicates, a band out of Indiana that was one of the groups that led the way from progressive rock dominating at the time. One of my all time favorite environmentally aware tunes.

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