(July 27, 2017): The Blenders – Don’t Fuck Around With Love

From the 1973 single of the 1953 recording, Don’t Fuck Around With Love.  The story behind this risque ditty goes like this according to Marv Goldberg. In August 1953, the recorded “You’ll Never Be Mine Again / Don’t Play Around With Love” for Joe Davis who had just started Jay-Dee Records.  “At that same session, Davis had them record a raunchier version (entitled “Don’t Fuck Around With Love”), which he planned to send to disc jockeys as an under-the-table release. After this side found its way onto a Kelway release in 1971, Davis himself released the song (on his Davis label) in 1973.”

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(July 23, 2017): Sean Jones – Prof

From the 2017 album, Live From Jazz at the Bistro.  The seven tracks on this LP were recorded in early December 2015 in St. Louis at Jazz at the Bistro. Three tracks  feature a quartet Jones brought together sometime back: Jones; pianist Orrin Evans; bassist Luques Curtis, and drummer Obed Calvaire. The other four songs are by a quintet that adds soprano saxophonist Brian Hogans. It is hardly surprising that Jones has written a piece called “Prof”. Jones has taught at Duquesne University, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and is now chair of the brass department at Berklee College of Music.

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(July 21, 2017): The Cadillacs – Speedo

From the 1957 album, The Fabulous Cadillacs.  A doo wop classic.  The song predates the swimming suit and took its name from lead singer Earl Carroll, known as Speedo.

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(July 19, 2017): Beat Farmers – Goldmine

From the 1985 album, True West.  The debut LP from the San Diego band now know as The Farmers.  It was recorded in 1984 and produced by Phil and Dave Alvin of the Blasters and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. It also contains the tune “Happy Boy” made famous by Dr. Demento.

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(July 14, 2017): Bill Riley – The Chill

From the 1995 12″ single, The Chill / Future Funk. On the initial release of the vinyl, the labels were affixed to the wrong sides.  Riley was present near the beginning of drum and bass and released one single a year for six years (1995-2000) and did a side opposite Die in 2002, but then disappeared.


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(July 12, 2013): RJD2 – 1976

From the 2004 album, Since We Last Spoke.  This tune is likely a testament to the year Ramble Jon Krohn was born – 1976. It is also the showcase song and first single that came off the LP.

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GLS Dean Pene Mathew at the U.N. in Geneva

Dean Pene Mathew

The video below is a U.N. TV excerpt of her intervention in a Panel Discussion on Past Examples of Responsibility Sharing at the U.N. in Geneva.



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