(January 19, 2018): Question Mark and The Mysterians – Do You Feel It

From the 1967 album, Action.  Rudy Martinez’s band out of the Saginaw Bay area was much more than 96 Tears.

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(January 5, 2018): Nick Lowe – Poor Side of Town

From the 2001 album, The Convincer. A great cover of Johnny Rivers 1966 hit single.

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(January 4, 2018): Deekline and Wizard – Bounce and Rebound

From the 2009 album, Back Up, Coming Through. Something to do in 2018. Deekline & Wizard (Nicholas Annand and Greg Fleming) produce here and Fleming mixes and engineers, but the players are Raphael Mercier (drums); Fallacy, TopCat & Yolanda Quarty (vocals); Skee Oakenfull (piano); and Darren Morris (keys).


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(January 3, 2018): Michael Fennelly – Touch My Soul

K-SHE Classic.  From the 1974 U.S. release, Lane Changer.  The album was originially sweetmeatreleased in the U.K. in 1973 with a different cover. Fennelly started with The Millenium and was the lead singer for Crabby Appleton. Rod Argent, Dave Wintour, and Russ Ballard all appear on this outing.

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(November 28, 2017): Lee “Sratch” Perry – (I Got The) Groove

From the 1990 album, From The Secret Laboratory. A prescient song that anticipates the revelations of the Panama and Paradise papers (not that hard, really); and, incidentally throws a bone to those who favor a tax that gives to the wealthy and takes from the poor.


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(November 26, 2017): Jackie Wilson – Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)

From the 1958 album, He’s So Fine.  This is one of five tunes co-written by Berry Gordie to appear on this LP.  The title is a throw to Louis Jordan and his 1948 single from the film “Reet, Petite, and Gone”. Wilsons powerful pipes here were enough to carry the tune to a UK number 1 when it was reissued in 1986.

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(November 17, 2017): Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians – Another Bubble

From the 1985 album, Fegmania! Hitchcock’s first outing with The Egyptians (with former Soft Boys Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor). A psychedelic throw back at a time of psychedelic throwbacks.


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