(October 19, 2017): Wilbert Harrison – Let’s Stick Together

From the 1962 single, Let’s Stick Together / My Heart Is Yours. Bryan Ferry did the much better known cover in the mid-1970s, but Harrison also had a hit in 1969 when he recorded a new version and changed the title to “Let’s Work Together“.

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(Oct 12, 2017): Glenn Campbell – Times Like These

From the 2008 album, Meet Glenn Campbell.  Meet Glenn Campbell doing rock covers, that is. In addition to the Foo Fighters, Campbell covers the Replacements (their late-career ballad “Sadly Beautiful”), the Velvet Underground (“Jesus”), U2 (“All I Want Is You”), and Green Day (“Good Riddance”). Schmaltzy? Maybe, but it still has heart.


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(October 11, 2017): The Gate 5 – Unknown [Unknowns]

From the 2004 EP, Rummy.  Here you have Donald Rumsfeld’s “existential poetry,” created in the lead up to the second Iraq war, set to music. Classic.

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(October 10, 2016): Gil Evans – Thoroughbred

From the 1971 album, Gil Evans.  Now many musicians launch a first album eponymously, but this was not Evans’s first album. Evans released his first LP in 1957 and had released at least six prior solo albums. It could explain why the 1971 German release was named, Blues In Orbit.  In any event, when the album was remastered in 1981 it was released as Blues In Orbit and all subsequent releases have been under that name (with various reordering of the songs).


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(October 9, 2017): George Jones & Tammy Wynette – (We’re Not) The Jet Set

From the 1974 single, (We’re Not) The Jet Set / Crawdad Song.  I first came across this Bobby Bradock song listening to the John Prine and Iris Dement cover on their 1999 long player, In Spite of Ourselves. Festus, MO was a town south of St. Louis down I-55 that I can remember visiting on trips to the more senic Herculaneum.

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(October 8, 2017): The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Red House

From the 1967 UK release of Are You Experienced?. The song was one for the first recorded by Hendrix for CBS in London in 1966.  The US release scrubbed “Red House” in favor of singles that would come off the LP – “Purple Haze”, “Hey Joe” and “The Wind Cries Mary”.  It took Warner Brothers until 1969 to release the tune in the US, first in July on Smash Hitsthen again right near the end of side D on a double album compilation, The 1969 Warner / Reprise Songbook.

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(October 7, 2017): Eddie + The Hot Rods – Teenage Depression

From the 1976 UK single, Teenage Depression / Shake.  With Dave Higgs writing songs, the first iteration of Eddie & The Hot Rods was at the intersection of pub rock (think Dr. Feelgood) and the emergence of punk (think the Damned).  Indeed, two of the tunes off the Teenage Depression LP, from which today’s single comes, were recorded at The Marquee where Eddie + The Hot Rods were resident in 1976. One night during the summer, the Sex Pistols were their opening act, playing their first London gig and famously smashing the Hot Rods’ instruments.  The initial UK pressing of the LP came with a fold up poster of the band.



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