(April 24, 2017): Popasana Dave – Who Owns Yoga?

From the 2017 album, Yoga! Rock! Party!  Law school pal Dave Adams is back at it with a new collection of tunes about yoga.  From the liner:

Warning!! This is not typical yoga music. For example, it is free. … [N]ot meant for class use … It’s the yoga world as seen while looking up from the mat. It is not … prescriptive, inspiring, or meditative. It is music about yoga and you will get it.


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(April 23, 2017): Baxter Dury – Isabel

From the 2011 album, Happy Soup. One of my favorites of that year. A vinyl LP was released for the first time in March 2017, limited to run of 300 copies.  No mistaking that this is Ian Dury’s boy.  Indeed, at 5 years old Baxter appeared on the cover of the old man’s first LP in 1977 and no doubt his infancy informed the lyrics on “Uneasy Sunny Day Hotsy-Totsy“.


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(April 22, 2017): Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Be The Rain

Happy Earth Day. This is from the 2003 story album with accompanying DVD, Greendale.  Here is a link to the video of this tune. Save the planet for another day.

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(April 20, 2017): Axis – Solutions

From the 1996 12″ single, Solutions / Flutes.  Axis was an early drum and bass vehicle for Illian Walker.  Hard to find much info on Walker post 2013, but from the late 1990s through then he seemed to move into producing breaks more than DnB and went through a number of labels.

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(April 19, 2017): The American Group – Stay Off The Grass

From the 1969 single, Room 222 / Stay Off The Grass.  The American Group (aka The Memphis Boys) appear to have been studio musicians that released two singles as The American Group in 1969 and a promo in 1968.  Both singles include this song as the b-side.  The A-side is a cover of Jerry Goldsmith’s theme for the TV series.

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(April 7, 2017): Chet Baker – The Thrill Is Gone

From the 1956 album reissue of the 1954 10″, Chet Baker Sings.  The 1954 10″ is side B on this album. Side A is new material that was recorded in July 1956 at the Forum Theatre in LA.  Baker’s pure talent in his early 20s was recognised by Parker, Getz and Mulligan, who all asked Baker to play with them in the 1950s.

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(April 4, 2017): The Angels of Light – I Pity The Poor Immigrant

From the 2005 album, Akron/Family & Angels Of Light. As the album title indicates, the album is a promo of two different bands, playing apart from each other. This is a cover of Dylan’s 1967 tune off the John Wesley Harding LP,  by The Angels of Light.

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