(Jan. 22, 2015): Total Science – Zombie Nation

From the 2003 Run Recordings compilation, At Close Range – a DJ mixed by AK 1200 (Dave Minner).  The Total Science (Jason Greenhalgh and Paul Smith) version of “Zombie Nation” was first released on this CD, but was also released in 2004 as the a-side of Zombie Nation / Brick Wall.

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(Jan. 21, 2015): Azymuth – Laranjeiras (Flytronix Drum+Bass Mix)

From the 1997 12″ EP, Laranjeiras.  A nice mix by Flytronix (Danny Demierre) of the 1970s Brazilian samba, jazz, and funk band.  The track was included on the 2009 Far Out Recordings compilation, Far Out Drum & Bass.

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(Jan. 21, 2015): Silent Witness – Twin Town

From the 2007 compilation album, All Sounds Electric.  This Critical Recording compilation consists of three 10″ discs.  Silent Witness (Dan Briane) has released 27 singles and EPs since 2002.

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(Jan. 19, 2015): The Ventures – Sleep Walk

From the 1960 album, Walk, Don’t Run.  This is The Venture’s cover of the Farina brothers 1959 tune, in a crowded field of early covers –  Bette Ann Steele, Al Caiola, Paul Mauriat, The Shadows, and Les Paul.

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(Jan. 16, 2015): Mount Carmel – Swaggs

From the 2012 album, Real Women.  Straight ahead Columbus, Ohio rock.  Reminds me of stuff that was playing in the early 1970s.


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(Jan. 15, 2015): Fairport Convention – Who Knows Where The Time Goes

From the 1969 album, Unhalfbricking.  This is a Sandy Denny tune.  Denny was the second wife to Trevor Lucas.  It always amused me that he is listed on this LP as playing triangle.  The picture here is of the U.S. album cover.  The U.K Island release had a older couple standing in front of a garden gate.

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(Jan. 11, 2015): Funky DL – Falling Up

From the 2010 album, A Classic Example Of A….  This 11th studio album from the UK producer Naptha Newman was released as a digipak out of Japan.  Instrumentals from the album were released in 2014.

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