(Nov. 24, 2014): Bonnie Prince Billy – Old Match

From the 2014 album, Singer’s Grave – A Sea Of Tongues.  This is off Will Oldham’s latest (his 11th long player).  Most of the tunes, though, are re-workings of songs from Wolfroy Goes To Town.  “Old Match” is a new take on “No Match” and switches from a dreamlike softness on Wolfroy to a driving arrangement with backing choir.

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(Nov. 23, 2014): The Grateful Dead – Beat It On Down The Line

From the 1967 album, Grateful Dead.   A cover of San Francisco blues man, Jesse Fuller’s 1961 tune.  This is the Dead’s 1970 remix.  One of the strongest tunes on this outing, especially before the 2001 reissue restored some of the severely edited performance of the 1967 release.

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(Nov. 22, 2014): The Velvet Underground – I’m Not A Young Man Anymore

From the 2008 bootleg Live at the Gymnasium.  This is a recording made April 30, 1967 at The Gymnasium (424 E. 71st St) in New York City.  The tune was unreleased until 2008 and the real shame is that there is no known extant clean studio version.  The recording also contains the first public performance of “Sister Ray”.   You’ve got to love the Peanuts gang on the back cover.  The labels on the LP indicate an alternative album title - A Workout At The Gymnasium.


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(Nov. 21, 2014): Eric Burdon & The Animals – River Deep, Mountain High

From the 1968 double album, Love Is.  The Animal’s cover of the 1966 Ike & Tina Turner hit (on which Leon Russell, Glenn Campbell, Carol Kaye, and Barney Kessel appeared). Whenever I pull this LP out, I am always reminded that Andy Summers (The Police) was part of the Animals in the late 1960s.

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(Nov. 20, 2014): Blood, Sweat & Tears – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know

From the 1968 album, Child Is Father To The Man.  Al Kooper’s debut classic.  The album title comes from a 1923 poem by Gerard Hopkins (“The Child Is Father To The Man”), which in turn took from a line in an 1802 poem by Wordsworth (“The Child is father of The Man”).

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(Nov. 19, 2014): Moby Grape – Omaha

From the self-titled 1967 album, Moby Grape.  In addition to the music, I remember as a kid that the big thing about this LP was whether you had the first or second issue.  The first featured Don Stevenson giving the finger in front of the washboard.  The second issue had the finger airbrushed away.

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(Nov. 18, 2014): Nazz – Open My Eyes

From the self-titled 1968 album, Nazz.  This song was the a-side single off the LP, but would play second fiddle at the outset to the b-side, “Hello It’s Me” (which was even bigger as a Rundgren solo hit later on).  It was, however, this tune that Sony included on its 26 CD set, Soundtrack for a Century.


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