(Oct 2, 2014): The Maddox Brothers & Rose – Move It On Over

This cover of Hank William’s tune was originally released on the a-side of the 1948 Maddox Brothers & Rose single Move It On Over / New Mule Skinner Blues (4 Star 1240).  This, however, comes from the 1976 compilation, Maddox Brothers And Rose ‎– 1946-1951 Volume 1.  The version I grew up with and know best is that by George Thorogood & The Destroyers.

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(Sept 26, 2014): Ramones – I Don’t Want To Grow Up

From the 1995 album, ¡Adios Amigos!  The Ramones cover of the Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan tune from Bone Machine.

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(Sept 25, 2014): Kathleen Edwards – In State

From the 2004 album, Back To Me.  As Mark Deming at allmusic.com writes: “charging out of the gate with “In State,” in which a woman spits with no small amount of venom that she’s glad her outlaw boyfriend has been sent up the river for 20 years, and the album doesn’t get a whole lot more optimistic about affairs of the heart as it goes along.”

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(Sept 24, 2014): Cassandra Wilson – Another Country

Title track from the 2012 album, Another Country.  The album features the Italian guitarist Fabrizio Sotti.  The LP itself was recorded in Florence.  Perhaps that’s why it contains a rendition of O Sole Mio sung in Italian.

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(Sept 23, 2014): The Reducers – Scared of Cops

From the 1984 eponymous album, The Reducers.  Thinking about Ferguson, MO this morning and this favorite band from law school days in St. Louis seems to fit the bill.  It was either this or 10cc’s “Rubber Bullets”.  I should say that I generally like cops.  My grandpa was a sergeant with the St. Louis Police Dept where he was the range instructor for many years.  Still, some cops …

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(Sept 22, 2014): Andrés Segovia – Granada

From the 1963 album, Granada.  Segovia’s transcription this composition by Isaac Albéniz composition was probably done in remembrance of his boyhood home.  Segovia grew up in Granada and his first public performance took place in the city at the age of 16.

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(Sept 20, 2014): Red Nichols & His Five Pennies – Whispering

From the a-side of the 1928 Shellac, 12″, 78 rpm, There’ll Come a Time / Whispering.  It was also released as the a-side in the UK as Whispering / Rocking Chair.  Paul Whiteman first popularized the song in 1920.  I remember first hearing the tune from the 1966 Winchester Cathedral album by the New Vaudeville Band.


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