(April 27, 2015): The Association – Never My Love

From the 1967 album, Insight Out.  Playing the early Bee Gees cover the other day put me in mind of The Association, who provided part of the top 40 soundtrack of my 1960s.

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(April 26, 2015): Miles Davis – Right Off

From the 1971 soundtrack album, A Tribute To Jack Johnson.  Hard to believe, but it seems that the recording session was almost accidental.  Discogs reports:

John McLaughlin, awaiting Miles’s arrival, began improvising riffs on his guitar, and was shortly joined by Michael Henderson and Billy Cobham. Meanwhile, the producers brought in Herbie Hancock, who had been passing through the building on unrelated business, to play the Farfisa organ. Miles arrived at last and began his solo at about 2:19 on the first track.

Even though the songs are much different, as a teenager I used to play this and Jamie Brockett’s 1968 classic, “Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic” together because of the Jack Johnson link.

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(April 25, 2015 – ANZAC Day bonus): Bill Carrothers – I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier

From the 2004 double CD, Armistice 1918.  “The whole point of ANZAC day has been lost … It’s not for old diggers to remember, it’s for survivors to warn the young about romanticising war.” — Ted Matthews, the last survivor of the Australians to land on Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.

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(April 25, 2015): Nina Simone – To Love Somebody

Title track from the 1969 album, To Love Somebody.  This cover of the Gibb Brothers tune is a favorite.  Youtube has a great live version by Simone here.

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(April 23, 2015): Commix – Something Better

From the 2003 a-side 12″ single, Something Better / All You Need.   An early single from the original trio of Guy Brewer, Conrad Whittle & George Levings.

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(April 22, 2015 – Earth Day): J.J. Cale – Death In The Wilderness

From the 1996 album, Guitar Man.  A cautionary song for today. Christine Lakeland, guitar and backing vocals. Jim Cruce, drums.

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(April 21, 2015): Love Sculpture – Blues Helping

From the 1969 U.S. release, Blues Helping.  Dave Edmunds blues rock trio with John Williams and Bob Jones.  All covers but this tune.  It appears as the last track on the b-side of the U.S. release and U.K. release (which came out in 1968).

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