(Aug 1, 2014): The Chimes – Once In A While

From the 1960 single, Once In Awhile / Summer Night  (Tag Records – 45 XT-444).  This 1937 Green-Edwards tune was first a hit for Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra.  Patti Page covered it in 1957 and it reached #11 for the Chimes in 1961.  The group was driven by singer Lenny Cocco from the mid-1950s until they broke up in 1964.


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(July 12, 2014): Pete Townshend – Let’s See Action

From the 1972 solo album, Who Came First.  As the liner notes say, Townshend is on ‘[a]ll instruments, vocals, recording, engineering, mixing, synthesisers in fact everything except making the tea. In one gynormouse ego trip by Pete Townshend.’  Just saw one of the few surviving, unsmashed Gibson SG’s that Townshend used to play on stage during the late 60s / early 70s up for auction at Bonhams.  Nice if you got a spare £37,500 sitting around.

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(July 8, 2014): Staple Singers – If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me)

From the 1973 album, Be What You Are.  This tune always reminds me of Christmas 1973 when it was peaking in the charts.  The cover by Jonathan Butler and Ruby Turner became an anthem in South Africa during the fight against apartheid.

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(July 4, 2014 – July 4, bonus): Robin Trower – Day of the Eagle

From the 1974 album Bridge of Sighs.  The sophomore LP that recalls something of Procol Harum and “Whiskey Train.” (but not John Edmond).


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(July 4, 2014): Clarence “Frogman” Henry – Ain’t Got No Home

From the 1956 10″ 78RPM single, Ain’t Got No Home / Troubles, Troubles.  Not to be confused with Woody Guthrie’s tune with the same name.  Henry opened at least 10 shows for the Beatles in 1964 during their first U.S. tour.

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(July 3, 2014): Wishbone Ash – Blind Eye

From the 1970 debut album, Wishbone Ash.  First song off the first side.

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(July 2, 2014): Memphis Slim – Mother Earth

From the 1961 self-titled album, Memphis Slim.  This tune was originally released by Slim (Peter (John) Chatman) in 1951 as a 10″ single (with “Really Got The Blues” as a b-side).  It is probably Slim’s most covered song.  The 1961 LP was released with the colored front here and also one in black, white, and gray.


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