(May 22, 2015): Greg Laswell – Come Back Down (feat. Sara Bareilles)

From the 2012 album, Landline.  This tune makes it because of the lyric, “all of your wallowing is unbecoming”.  A nice reminder to myself sometimes.


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(May 21, 2015): Jesús Guridi – Sinfonía Pirenaica (1945)

From the 2005 album, Sinfonía Pirenaica.  This is a 2003 recording by the Bilboa Symphony Orchestra with Juan José Mena conducting.  Guridi, who plays to my Basque sensibilities, said that this symphony is a musical evocation of the soul of the Pyrenees mountains and the dangers they represent.  I think of it as an older brother to Alan Hovhaness’s “Mysterious Mountain”.

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(May 20, 2015): Steve Gibbons Band – Tulane

K-SHE Classic.  From the 1977 album, Rollin’ On.  A cover of the 1970 Chuck Berry tune off sweetmeatthe album Back Home.  Joan Jett would do a pretty notable cover too about 10 years later.  Given the song’s provenance, it’s not too surprising that this became a “Klassic”.  It followed an earlier tune, “Speed Kills,” off the Gibbons Band’s 1976 debut long player, Any Road Up, that is also a classic.  And, of course, the 1978 Down In The Bunker album got more STL air play than any of them.  Gibbons’ band always had a lot of affinity with The Move and the Electric Light Orchestra, with members like Trevor Burton, Danny King, and later Bev Bevan.

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(May 19, 2015): B.B. King – Please Love Me

From the 1965 album, Live At The Regal.  Another five star LP today.  Universally acknowledged by peers as one of the greatest blues recordings. “Perpetually” preserved as part of the National Recording Registry of the U.S. Library of Congress. Every note worth a listen.

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(May 18, 2015): Antonio Carlos Jobim – Wave

From the 1967 album of the same name, Wave.  An instant classic.  A five star LP.  Too bad it only runs a little of 30 minutes.

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(May 17, 2015): Wraygunn – Kerosene Honey

From the 2012 album, L’ Art Brut.  The latest offering from this Portuguese band.  Wraygunn has released five album since 2000, but was probably most noticed after the 2007 release Shangri-la.

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(May 16, 2015): Magazine – Shot By Both Sides

From the 1978 album, Real Life.  This is the album version of this tune, which was released a bit earlier in a different form as the band’s first single.  It was written by Howard Devoto and Pete Shelly (after they’d gone separate ways from the Buzzcocks).

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